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Oilite® &
Oilite Non-Tox®

Self-lubricating oil impregnated sintered bronze.


Oilite M Series® &
Oilite Non-Tox®
M Series

Metric series self-lubricating oil impregnated sintered bronze.


Oilite Plus®

Self-lubricating sintered bronze impregnated with higher temperature lubricant with finely divided PTFE for reduced friction.


Self-lubricating sintered iron/copper impregnated with an extreme pressure lubricant and molybdenum and with a PTFE
coating on ID.


Super-Oilite® &

Self-lubricating oil impregnated sintered iron/copper.


Super-Oilite 16®

Self-lubricating oil impregnated sintered iron/copper heat treated.

Custom Bearings

Contact us for information or a quotation on non-standard sizes.


Cast Bronze

(SAE 660, CDA 932)
General purpose bearing bronze alloy.


Aluminum Bronze

(CDA 954)
General purpose bearing bronze alloy for higher load applications.

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