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Select the type of product needed, sleeve, flange or thrust, and the material. The link will take you to a catalog listing of all our products in that type and material sorted by size.

Oilite® genuine products are made in the USA for a variety of industrial applications.




Oilite® Sleeve Bearings | metric

Oilite® Flange Bearings | metric

Oilite® Thrust Bearings | metric

Oilite® Raw materials - Bar stock, cored and solid, and plate stock  | metric



Super Oilite® Sleeve Bearings | metric

Super Oilite® Flange Bearings | metric

Super Oilite® Thrust Bearings

Super Oilite® Raw materials - Bar stock, cored and solid, and plate stock  | metric


OILITE® Non-Tox (NT)

Oilite® Non-Tox Sleeve Bearings | metric

Oilite® Non-Tox Flange Bearings | metric

Oilite® Non-Tox Thrust Bearings | metric


Super OILITE® Non-Tox (NT)

Super Oilite® Non-Tox Sleeve Bearings

Super Oilite® Flange Bearings

Super Oilite® Thrust Bearings


OILITE® Food Contact (FC)

Oilite® Food Contact Sleeve Bearings | metric

Oilite® Food Contact Flange Bearings | metric

Oilite® Food Contact Thrust Bearings | metric


Super OILITE® Food Contact (FC)

Super Oilite® Food Contact Sleeve Bearings

Super Oilite® Food Contact Flange Bearings

Super Oilite® Food Contact Thrust Bearings



Oilite® PLUS Sleeve Bearings | metric

Oilite® PLUS Flange Bearings | metric

Oilite® PLUS Thrust Bearings | metric



Super Oilite® PLUS Sleeve Bearings | metric

Super Oilite® PLUS Flange Bearings | metric

Super Oilite® PLUS Thrust Bearings


Polymer Products

Polymer Sleeve Bearings

Polymer Flange Bearings

Polymer Thrust Bearings


Super OILITE® 16

Super Oilite® 16 Sleeve Bearings


Excelite® Sleeve Bearings




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