Oilite® Ultra CX

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Oilite® genuine Ultra CX products are made in the USA. Products for Food Contact, Non-Tox, and other applications can be found on the Oilite® All Products page.

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Oilite® Ultra-CX

For Precision Assembly Design. MRO Quick Easy Replacement

ID/OD Tolerances held to .0004" Concentricity .0005" TIR Lubricated with Synthetic Performance Difference™ AM1-SPD™. For Precision Assembly Design, MRO Quick Easy Replacement.

Temp Range -35°F to +300°F

-35°F to +300°F

Oilite® M-Series Metric Ultra-CX

Lubricated with Synthetic Performance Difference™ AM1-SPD

ID/OD Tolerances held to .0004 mm Concentricity .0005 mm TIR For Precision Assembly Design MRO Quick Easy Replacement Lubricated with Synthetic Performance Difference™ AM1-SPD™.

Temp Range -37°C to +149°C

-37°C to +149°C

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