K-Coupling® Selection and Mounting

Easy to Select

Even Easier to Mount

Steps to follow in selecting your K-Coupling®

  1. Determine the horsepower or wattage (torque) requirement of your application. Allow for starting torque or unusual start/stop operation. Make sure the torque requirement is within the K-Coupling® rating limits. See Standard and Metric tables.
  2. Determine the amount of space available for installing the coupling. Compare this with the hub-to-hub and outside loop dimensions shown.
  3. Consider the shaft sizes involved and the amount of space between them, because the required bore size on one hub sometimes differs from the other.
  4. Predetermine the maximum degree of angular and parallel misalignment for which the coupling will have to compensate. Be sure your requirements are within the recommended limits.
  5. Decide whether a keyway will really be necessary. If so, they are available at extra cost on series 5803 and 5804.
  6. Standard keyways:
    • 1/8" for 1/2" shafts and 3/16" for 9/16" and 5/8" shafts.
    • 3mm for 12mm shafts and 5mm for 14mm, 15mm and 16mm shafts.
  7. Recommended continuous operating temperature for the K-Coupling® is 0°F (18°C) to 180°F (83°C) in most atmospheres, however consideration must be given to exposure to solvents, chemicals, acids and gases.

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