K-Coupling® Design

Uniquely Designed for Long Life


The K-Coupling® is made of double-loop ELASTACAST® polyurethane elastomeric material assembled to zinc plated steel hubs as standard, and available in stainless steel. The crimping process is done by specialized equipment which guarantees the perfect crimp required for long life and excellent performance. The hubs mount to shafts using Allen screws. Keyed hubs are available in the 5803 and 5804 series.

Hub Features

  • Annealed steel for maximum strength
  • Zinc plated to resist corrosion
  • Inside hub placement decreases overall length on Series 5802, 5803 and 5804
  • Rounded corners prevent cutting
  • Precision swaged mechanical crimp
  • Makes use of standard size set screws
  • AGMA class 2 bore tolerance: -.000/+.002" (-0 +0.05mm)

Element Features

  • Polyurethane material is cut and tear resistant
  • Unique design configuration provides maximum flexibility
  • Generous radius for added strength
  • Full wrap-around design holds securely to hub

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